Children’s Programs

Designed for the youngest students, these classes stress the development of coordination and motor skills, rhythm and musical awareness, spatial awareness, listening skills, and creative expression. The Pre-Ballet class introduces the student to basic ballet technique.

Mommy and Me – This class is designed to introduce even the smallest dancer in your household to movement, music, creativity and imagination. Hand and hand, mother and child can experience class together, smiling, laughing and leaping through this 30 min. session.
15 months to 2.5 years

Dress Code: Any color and style leotard, white ankle socks and pink ballet slippers for girls.
Any color t-shirt and sweat pants for boys, white socks and white ballet slippers.

Song & Dance – Song & Dance is an introduction to music and dance for 3 and 4 year-old girls and boys. It is a fun, creative dance class where students learn to sing songs accompanied with movements to enrich their coordination and listening skills. Basic spatial structure will be introduced (the formation of circles and lines) as well as counting songs, color songs, and silly songs to spark the child’s imagination. Use of rhythm sticks will also be introduced to help enrich the child’s musicality.
Ages 3 and 4 one 30 min. class/week

Creative Movement – Created for 5 and 6 year-olds, this class focuses on further development of movements, musical awareness and creative expression. It helps to develop a child’s coordination, flexibility, musicality, and listening skills, while the students are having fun. Creative materials such as hoops, balls, hats, scarves, etc will be utilized to enhance child’s creativity.
Ages 5-6 one 45 min. class/week

Pre-Ballet – Developed for more mature children, we will intensify the use of different levels of space, rhythm and qualities in movement. We begin to work on skills used to create and remember dances for performance. Stretch/flexibility exercises introduce movement patterns of classical ballet steps and basic ballet technique. Creative materials and fun activities will still be part of the class.
Ages 6-7 one 60 min. class/week