“Ballet Arts Worcester, directed by Jennifer Agbay, represents a new generation of ballet schools in Worcester that offers excellent training to the serious student, and I highly recommend it.”
-Ronald Alexander, former principal at Nutmeg Conservatory, Torrington, CT.
“One rarely meets such a passionate dedicated ballet educator,such as you, Jennifer Agbay!”
-Oleg Briansky, Director of The Briansky Ballet Center
“It is always my pleasure to conduct master classes at BAW. The students are eager to work and very receptive to my corrections and expanations. Also, I have seen improvment in the students from one visit to the next which is very satisfying.”
-Cosmin Marculetiu, Ballet Master for Festival Ballet, Providence.


“Thanks so much to BAW and their fabulous dance program. Shela would have never gotten this far if it wasn’t for you! We are forever grateful for what you have done for the ballet dancers of Central Mass! Cheers to all your success!” -Kathleen Murphy
“This was my daughter’s first year with Ballet Arts of Worcester. The teacher’s and staff have an extensive background and truly believe in educating and helping their students. My daughter has learned so much in a short amount of time. She has grown into a beautiful confident young dancer, I don’t know what her future holds in the dancing world but I do believe that she has absorbed a love for ballet and lessons that will last a lifetime.” -M. Chacharone, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
“Jennifer Agbay and her faculty are a gift to the students at BAW and to the art of dance. The setting is a perfect combination of nurture and demand. I believe there is no better school in all of New England: classes are intimate and allow for personal attention; Jennifer sets a program for each child that lays a path for success; and, the faculty is unified in its support of those goals. Speaking as a parent, Jennifer’s love of dance and her commitment to the well being of each student radiates in the walls of BAW. So, if you are looking for dance that is classical in its approach and a setting that is unique in its commitment to that training, look no further than Ballet Arts Worcester.” —Michele Perla
“Through the tremendous energy & inspirational teaching at the Ballet Arts Worcester, each child gets a chance to shine.” -Barbara Zurawski