Nutcracker Frequently Asked Questions

 What can my son/daughter expect at the time if auditions?   The audition will be a competitive audition.  We will only select the topmost dancers for this production.  We have a procedure in the audition process.  After viewing your child in a technical ballet class, we will either pass the child on to the next round of call backs, which takes place later on the same day or, we will release them after the audition class and unfortunately end their participation.  The call back process does not mean that your child has automatically made it into the production.  We are specifically “calling the dancer back” to review them as a candidate to perform in the Nutcracker.

Does he/she need to prepare anything for audition?  No a technical ballet class will be given for all age groups

What shall he/she wear for the audition?   Classical ballet attire is required.  This includes any color leotard, pink tights, and ballet slippers for girls.  No skirts or dance shorts are permitted.  Hair must be fastened in a bun.  Boys may wear t-shirts, black tights/leggings or sweat pants and ballet slippers.

What are you looking for in the audition?  How do you choose a dancer for the roles?  When your child arrives to the audition, they will be participating in a technical ballet class.  We are assessing their skill level and ability.  This is a production ballet and we are looking to showcase great ballet technique.  In the audition, they will be working on barre exercises as well as center practice and combinations en diagonale.

Your child may be chosen for Callbacks after the completion of the audition or they may be dismissed at the end.  If they are chosen for call backs, we will re-evaluate them for their skills and ability.  We will show them repertoire/choreography from the production and have them dance it before us.  Callback does not automatically mean you have been chosen for the production.

If you are dismissed from the audition without having a callback, this means you will not be participating in the production.

What is the commitment regarding Nutcracker?  If your child is chosen for the production, please be prepared to commit to 11 Saturdays of rehearsal.  Depending on your child’s role, rehearsal can be a little as 30 minutes to as much as 2-1/2 hours.  All rehearsal and dress rehearsal schedules are given the day of the auditions.  The Saturday schedule is consistent in time for every Saturday, we block off the hours of 12:00 to 6:15.  If your child is 13+ in age, they may be rehearsing on an additional Monday night or Wednesday night, a separate schedule is given to them.  We block off 5:30 to 8:30 on Monday and Wednesday nights, again your child will not be there for the entire rehearsal.  Tech week and dress rehearsals are mandatory.

How much is the participation fee once my child is selected for the production?  There is a production fee for the Nutcracker of $50.00.  This amount covers participation, costume usage and dry cleaning.

Where and when are the auditions held?  The Hanover Theatre, 2 Southbridge Street, Worcester, MA.  Saturday, September 6, 2014

Is there a fee for the audition?  There is $35.00 cash only fee for all non-Ballet Arts Worcester Students.

Who do I contact if I have a question regarding the production?  All questions and inquiries should be directed to Miss Charlotte at

 When are the performances for The Nutcracker?  The public performance dates are:

Friday, November 28 at 7:00

Saturday, November 29 at 2:00 and 7:00

Sunday, November 30 at 2:00

Monday, December 1 at 10:00 am (This is the public school performance and is not for public viewing.  This performance is for public and private schools and home school groups only)

All dancers must arrive at the theater 1-1/2  hours before the curtain.  Each dressing room will have a sign-in/sign-out sheet. 

How do I show proof of my child’s age for the audition?  All dancers auditioning for the Nutcracker must be born before September 6, 2007.  The following documents are acceptable: birth certificate, health form (from your pediatrician), passport, baptismal certificate, etc..  You do not need to submit the form on the day of the audition; show it to the BAW representative when you submit your paper work before the audition.

When do I submit the $50 production fee?  Production fees are collected on the first day of rehearsals at BAW.  Note: Some roles have their first rehearsal in September and others in October.  That is the day the fee is collected.

 My child is in The Nutcracker, can I get complimentary or discounted tickets to the performance?  No, there are no comp or discounted tickets for the performance.

 Can I buy tickets to The Nutcracker at B.A.W., Inc.?  No, all ticket sales and transactions for the Nutcracker production must be handled through the Hanover Theatre.  There are no special arrangements for families involved with BAW’s Nutcracker production.  In addition to your sales transactions with the Hanover Theatre, if you are a Price Chopper Advantage card holder you can receive $1.00 off each ticket purchased.  There is also a discount for members of AAA.

Do parents purchase tickets for every performance?  Or are there discounts for parents.  Usually, parents choose one or two shows to attend but truly it is up to you how many shows you would like to attend.  There are no discounts for parents; however, at the Box Office, you can receive discounts through AAA and the Price Chopper Advantage card.

What is a head shot?  A headshot is a photograph in which the focus is a person’s face.  We require a 5 x 7 headshot (color or black and white) from each dancer auditioning for the Nutcracker; headshots will not be returned to the dancer.  The headshot may be a professional photo but we also accept school portraits and home photos.

 Do you need parent volunteers for the production?   Yes!  Our entire production relies on our wonderful parent volunteers. We need many parent volunteers to work back stage, in the dressing rooms and with the wardrobe mistress.  Please respond to the email sent out by Miss Jen, hand in the parent volunteer form or ask Miss Charlotte for details.

 Where are rehearsals for The Nutcracker held?  Rehearsals are held every Saturday at the B.A.W., Inc. studios at 36 Harlow Street through November 22.  Rehearsals will be at the Hanover Theatre November 24 – 26.

 Is there rehearsal Columbus Day weekend?  YES

 Is there rehearsal on Thanksgiving Day?  NO

 Where is the rehearsal schedule?  The rehearsal schedule can be found on the web site under The Nutcracker, The Nutcracker Parent Forms and Information, Nutcracker Rehearsal Schedule 2014.  The schedule will also be posted at the studio at the top of the steps on the black board and at the end of the hallway.

 What is Production week?  Production week is when we move rehearsals to the Hanover Theatre to prepare for performing on stage.  Production week includes the block and tech rehearsal and the dress rehearsals.  The block and tech rehearsal will be on Monday, November 24.  Dancers should wear regular dance clothes and have their hair in a bun for this rehearsal.  It is mandatory that both casts attend this rehearsal.   There will also be two dress rehearsals during production week; Tuesday, November 25 is the dress rehearsal for Cast 1 and Wednesday, November 26 is the dress rehearsal for Cast 2.

Special Note:  The block and tech rehearsal on Monday, November 24 is divided into Act 1 (3:30-6:30 pm) and Act 2 (7:00-10:00 pm). We try our best to stay on schedule but rehearsals may run over the scheduled time frame.  Please be prepared for the possibility that your child will be late coming out of rehearsal, especially for Act 1 roles.  Please do not schedule anything on Monday, November 24 in the evening.  If your child does not leave rehearsal at 6:30 because we are running late we cannot release her or him to you until we are done.  This is part of your commitment to the production.  If this is an effort that you cannot commit your child to, we ask that you reconsider auditioning for the Nutcracker.

 What do you mean when you say Act 1 and Act 2?  The Nutcracker is divided into two acts.

Act 1 includes: the Prologue, the party scene (party children, party parents, Clara, Fritz, Maid, Drosselmeyer), the battle scene ( mice, rats, soldiers, Nutcracker Prince, Clara, Drosselmeyer) and the snow scene (reindeer, Snow Queen and King, Snowflake corps de ballet, Clara, Nutcracker Prince).

Act 2 includes: Reindeer, Polichinelles, Black and White Sheep, Arabian Attendants, Clara, Nutcracker Prince, Sugar plum Fairy and Cavalier, Spanish, Chinese, Arabian, Russian, Dew Drop Fairy, Flowers, Mother Ginger and Shepherdess.

 Where is the schedule for Production week?  The production week schedule can be found on the web site under The Nutcracker, The Nutcracker Parent Forms and Information, Nutcracker Production and Performance Week Schedule 2014.  The schedule will also be posted at the studio at the top of the steps and at the end of the hallway.  Note:  Although the Reindeer are in both Act 1 and Act 2, they only need to attend the rehearsal for Act 1 on Monday, November 24.

 Does my child need full hair and make up for the dress rehearsals?   Yes, if you or your child needs help applying make-up or doing hair please ask a parent volunteer.  Dress rehearsal prepares everyone for the performance and is treated as a performance.

 Is there a cast party?  Yes, the cast party is on Saturday, November29 between the matinee and evening performances.  Parent volunteers will be asking for monetary donations to purchase refreshments.  Both casts are invited to the cast party.  Please notify us of any allergies your child may have so we may prepare accordingly.

 Will my child have a costume fitting?  A schedule for costume fittings will be supplied.  If your child’s role is not on the schedule for a costume fitting she/he will not have a scheduled costume fitting but will be fitted at a later time.  If your child’s part is not on this schedule you do not need to come to the costume fitting.

 When do we need to bring/wear/buy costume requirements?    You may purchase your costume requirements at any time prior to dress rehearsal.  Dancers must have all their costume requirements ready to wear for dress rehearsal.  Regular dance clothes are all that are required for studio rehearsals.

 What do you mean when you say Cast 1 and Cast 2?  Cast 1 dancers will perform Friday evening, Saturday matinee and Monday school show.  Cast 2 dancers will perform Saturday evening and Sunday matinee.  Both casts will rehearse at the same time during the Saturday rehearsals and both casts will take turns “running” the choreography during rehearsals.  Both casts must be present during the block and tech rehearsal on Monday, November 24.  Cast 1 dress rehearsal is Tuesday, November 25; Cast 2 does not need to attend this rehearsal.  Cast 2 dress rehearsal is Wednesday, November 26; Cast 1 does not need to attend this rehearsal.

 What if my child is sick and cannot attend rehearsal or performance?  We do not want sick dancers at rehearsals so please do not send your child to rehearsal if she/he is not feeling well.  Dancers are allowed two absences from rehearsal.  Please contact Miss Jen if you child cannot attend rehearsal.  It is rare that dancers miss a performance due to illness but if you feel your child is not going to make a performance contact Miss Jen immediately!

 What if my child is an understudy?  Understudies attend all rehearsals pertaining to their role.  They will have a chance to run the choreography during rehearsals.

 Where do I park at the Hanover Theatre? 

Federal Plaza Municipal Garage-570 Main Street-up to one hour $2.00, each additional hour $1.00.

Worcester Public Library Parking Lot-located at Salem and Myrtle Streets-free on Sundays or on street parking can be found near The Hanover on Portland, Federal, Salem and Myrtle Streets.  These are metered spots but most meters do not require money on Sundays.  Please check all street signs and meters carefully in case of changes in policy; BAW, Inc. is not responsible for parking issues that occur during rehearsals or performances.

 Which door do I use to enter the Hanover Theatre?  Always use the stage door which is located at the back of the theater in the T & G parking lot.  The door is not marked and does not have a sign but it is the only door in the back of the theater.

 Will a DVD be available to purchase?  Yes, more details will follow shortly.

 Will there be photos taken before or during the performance?  Yes, Mike Nyman will have portrait sessions during production week at the theater and will take photos during dress rehearsal.  All photos will be available for purchase from his web site.

 What should my child bring to rehearsal at the Hanover?  Students should have dance clothes and costume clothes, make up, dance shoes and hair items.  They should also bring healthy snacks and water and home work and/or games to occupy them when they are not on the stage.  Many students like to bring a blanket or sleeping bag to use on the floor when the seating at the dressing tables gets crowded.

 What about make-up for my child?  We do not mandate a particular brand of make-up but require that students use specific colors of make-up.  Stage make-up must be applied much heavier than street make-up.  Faces can be appear colorless when in stage lights.  The only color choices permitted on stage for your face: EYE: white and brown shadow, black eyeliner, black mascara or false eye lashes (optional).  CHEEKS:  Pinky/Red more on the pink side than red.  LIPS:  Crimson red or red with a hint of brown in it…NO Bright Red!

We encourage you to refer to this You Tube video ( for pointers regarding makeup application. The video especially shows precisely how eye makeup should be applied (false eye lashes are not required for the performance).  Ballet Arts Worcester does not endorse or require you to use the products shown in the video.

No nail polish or jewelry!

No underwear underneath tights.

Soloists may wear diamond or rhinestone studs.

 What does my child need for the performance?  Dance clothes and shoes, an extra pair of tights, costume clothes, make-up, hair items and a great attitude! This is what we have worked towards for two months so enjoy it.  Most students wear a flesh colored leotard under their costume but be advised that Miss Jen might ask that it not be worn under costumes.

 Where do I get curls for the party girl role?  Many students purchase curls at Main Beauty Supply at 10 Front Street in down town Worcester.  You can also call other hair stores to see if they carry curls as well.

 If I am not volunteering can I wait with my child backstage?   No, there will be many volunteers acting as chaperones for the students in the cast of The Nutcracker.  Please drop your child off at her assigned dressing room and let the chaperone know if there is anything she should know or be aware of.  If your child is nervous about being there without you, rest assured there will many other dancers there to keep her company.

How does it work regarding volunteering and watching student perform?  Usually a parent volunteers for one or two shows.  At that time, they do not watch the show.

 If I am a parent volunteer what should I wear?  People working the back stage crew should wear all black.  Parents working the boutique, handing out programs, collecting tickets or ushering should dress well.