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The Youth Ballet of Worcester Co. Trainee Division and Apprentice to the Trainee Co.

The Youth Ballet of Worcester Co. Trainee Division is a division of the Youth Ballet Company of Worcester. Candidates for the trainee company must study ballet in level A and B. Entry into this program is by audition or invitation by the artistic staff. Students accepted into the trainee division of the Youth Ballet of Worcester Co. must be enrolled in all required ballet classes for their level. This program is designed to provide performance opportunities, advanced training in ballet and to provide serious young dancers the tools to be a part of a dance company. This program includes company class on Saturday mornings, rehearsal 1x per week. Pointe work is not required.This Division will have the same performance opportunites as the Youth Ballet of Worcester Company.

Pink tights with seams and a white camisole leotard are required for company class and rehearsal. Students will receive a contract stating guidelines and what the expectation of their commitment is to the company.

Much like the Trainee Division, the Apprentice Company is the future to our resident company, here at BAW. The artistic staff intend to groom these dancers for our Trainee Division, then ultimately for the YBW Company.

These younger dancers from Primary 2 and 3 are invited in by invitation only. They are required to commit to Saturday company class and rehearsal for the entire year. Opportunities to perform and work with master class teachers are a perk of this youngest company.