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The Youth Ballet of Worcester Company

is the resident youth company of Ballet Arts Worcester. The Company is comprised of students between the ages of 13 to 19. Students are distinguished by Junior Apprentice Co., Junior Company and the Senior Company, YBW. All students eligible for the company must audition to become a member or be invited in by the artistic staff. The audition is a competitive event; we select only the topmost dancers for this company.

The Youth Ballet of Worcester was created to give young, capable dancers a pre-professional experience for a professional dance lifestyle. This includes a rigorous schedule in dance training; dancing up to 20 hours per week, attending rehearsals 3 to 4 times a week to learn numerous compositions in diverse styles of dance, and performing on stage with full energy, desire and commitment, especially when performances can be scheduled twice in a day.

Directors, teachers and choreographers of the company have high expectations for each student as individuals and as an ensemble. They are expected to learn and retain choreography, to be on time for classes, rehearsals and performances. Students must maintain healthy bodies, attendance and self-discipline.

Not only are the students experiencing professional expectations on a pre-professional level, but they are also developing life skills to enhance there future, whether it be with a professional dance company or not. Students will take with them from the Youth Ballet of Worcester experience, the self-esteem needed to go on an audition or interview, they will learn self-discipline, be able to take charge of managing their time and schedules, they will be able to cope with situations through great focus and concentration, and they will become great team players through their experience in dancing the corps de ballet. Lastly, it gives students an appreciation, respect, and a love for the arts.

The Youth Ballet of Worcester Company has the opportunity to perform at least three times a year; this includes our annual production of The Nutcracker and Peter in the Wolf at the Hanover Theatre, The Worcester County Dance Festival and the school’s end of the year production, The Spring Gala. Other performing opportunities include dancing at the Worcester Art Museum during their holiday season, “A Little Night of Dancing” with the Commonwealth Ballet Company, in Acton, Ma., Music Worcester and collaborative efforts with the Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Student Orchestra . Within the artistic direction of the company, Ballet Arts Worcester has invited many outside choreographers to set pieces on the company. In giving this opportunity to the students they gain the experience of what it is like to work with outside influences and talents, making their dance world a bit more exciting, challenging and valued.

Along with performance experience, members of the company are able to take class with a variety of teachers through a series of Master Classes. Ballet Arts Worcester provides company members with the highest quality of teachers to help advanced their dance education and training. Many master class teachers have opened doors to new experiences for our students, they include, Nadine Moody, Jeremy Collins (ABT), Maj-Lis Jalkio, Deirdre Miles-Burger, Christopher Hird, Sarah Wroth, Kristin Beckwith and Laurel Tennant (all from Boston Ballet) Melinda and Cosmin Marculetiu (International Ballet Academy of Norwell), Mary Ann Mayer, Leticia Guerro (Festival Ballet, Providence), Ronald Alexander (Fromerly of Nutmeg ballet School, currently with Joffrey Ballet NYC), Andrew Parker and Dean Vollick (National Ballet of Canada), Mireille Brian and Oleg Briansky (Lengendary Master teachers), Christopher Alloways Ramsey, Adrianna Suarez (Boston Conservatory) Eve Agush (Flamenco), Chu Ling (Traditional Chinese) Lee Ann Watson (Character/Folk).

Master classes are scheduled throughout the year.

Eligible candidates for the company are students in Level C and up or students ages 13 to 19. Candidates who wish to audition can receive information on dates and times through the Director of Dance.

All accepted candidates must train and/or rehearse at the school at a minimum of 3 times a week. Rehearsals are scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the school year. The times vary between 2 and 5 hour rehearsal periods. It is mandatory that each participant enrolls in a non-ballet class such as modern and highly recommended, jazz. This allows the student to study an alternate form of dance,that will help them to experience moving their bodies in different ways, as well as training them to become more versatile as dancers.

We want all potential candidates to understand and accept that being a part of the Youth Ballet of Worcester Company is an enormous commitment and the significance of this company is strictly enforced. Teachers, Master Class teachers and choreographers are all committed to provide the best pre-professional experience they can, and we need students to recognize that all intentions for the company are positive and for their benefit.

Each student who is accepted in the company will be asked to sign a contract stating their commitment to the company. Along with this contract, a set of rules, regulations and dress codes will be presented. If a student cannot accept, commit to, or disregards our company rules, the Director of the company has the right to dismiss the student from the company.

The Youth Ballet of Worcester Company is a wonderful youth organization that provides excellence in training and awesome performance opportunities.

For those interested in auditioning for the Youth Ballet of Worcester Company, please see the Director for further inquiries and details.